Night Shift Nurses 4: Carnal Corruption
Guilty as charged, the Night Shift Nurses are thrust onto the hot seat when police uncover video evidence of their erotic experimentation. Confronted with images of themselves performing the most heinous sexual acts imaginable, the nurses tell a sordid tale of lechery, lust, and their corruption at the hands of a perverted medical mastermind.
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Slutty-Princess Diaries
After losing his mom to a mysterious death, Distol swore to himself that he will be the best swordsman in the world. However, his tragedy doesn?t end there?..Eight years after his mother?s death, more bad news is brought to Distol. His sister, Princess Qoona, is chosen as the Holy Maiden. The Holy Maiden sacrifices her own life to give power to the seal that binds the demon king within. Normally, this would be a thing be proud of, but Distol does not want to lose another person he loves. As Distol curses himself for not being able to protect the person that he loves, a witch appears out of nowhere and makes an offer to Distol. The offer is: ??In return of giving great powers, you must invade Bastarauge, take the nation?s treasure, kidnap Princess Elena, and corrupt her from within.?? A new dark age is about to begin?
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Black Gate
As an average student, Kosaka always wondered what it would be like for girls to fight over him. But now his girlfriend Shizuka and his friend Kasumi are fighting over him...with swords. His school has a secret, a black gate that can only be opened by Shizuka and Kasumi, who each have a tattoo over one of their breasts. When Shizuka opens the gate and makes a deal with the evil creatures on the other side, Kosaka and all the other girls at his school are thrown into a deadly fight against evil.
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Can Can Bunny Extra 1: Lucky 7
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Tales Trilogy
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Mistreated Bride
Mitsuko has always lived a simple life as a housewife. But things changed once she moved away from Tokyo to live with her husband?s family. She never thought doing a small ??favor?? for her husband?s father would lead into a world full of lust. Now she is a love puppet to her husband?s father and even his...
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