Immoral Sisters 3: Blossoming
Katori is attracted to an enigmatic new student at her University named Koshiro. She remembers his face from when he saved her younger sister from a band in the past. However, rumors abound that Koshiro is sleeping with his teachers, and has some kind of hidden agenda against the school and her mother. When Koshiro's plan goes into motion, Katori, her sister, and her mother will all be in on the action.
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Naughty Nurses
Nimura and Mayu are having major relationship problems. Too nervous to have sex with Mayu, Nimura decides that it'll be better if they just break up. But while they might want to go their own separate ways, fate has its own plans for the two of them. Both Nimura and Mayu end up working at Aoshima General Hospital! While having to work together might be uncomfortable for them, it's also stirring up a lot of gossip among the hospital's staff.
But the gossip isn't really having much of an impact on either of them since the hospital's sexy staff and horny patients are keeping them on call night and day! The young nurse Satsuki taunts Nimura relentlessly with her hot body... the voluptuous head-nurse Ryoko seems to have her mind set on landing him in bed... not to mention that the patients can't get enough of him! All of this attention is great, but Nimura is still struggling with his feelings for Mayu and seeing her every day is making him more anxious than ever. Will this young couple find a way to patch things up despite all of the sexual distractions?
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Mikagura Detective Agency
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Sailor and the 7 Ballz
Sailor moon and Tuxedo Mask are getting married, and everybody who's anybody in the anime world are invited. Aside from the sailor soldiers, the guest list includes the guys and gals of Evangelion, the saiyans of Dragonball Z, Cardcaptor Sakura, Fatal Fury's Bogard brothers, Belldandy, Ranma, and other prominent characters. One thing's certain: it's going to be one huge orgy as these horny characters get wild and party on! Sailor moon and company even hint that they had their boobs done just for the occasion...

german voiceover
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Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 2
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