Night Shift Nurses 3: Clinical Confessions
A shocking crime leads a detective to the Night Shift Nurses! Under interrogation, they reveal more than just outrageous true confessions. A debauched doctor instructed them to perform the most debased acts imaginable, all in the name of science. But when the erotic experiment spun out of control, his sexy subjects unleashed their most forbidden desires, with shocking consequences!
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Spaceship Agga Ruter
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The Roommate
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After Class Lesson
Ryuji Shibui known also as ??The Squid,?? is a very strange man. Although he is an older man, he has never dated anyone and in fact, is still a virgin. Well his lifestyle is about to change thanks to the mischief of Ayumi Amakawa, a cheerleader. After getting a taste of pleasure that can only be experienced through sex, his ambition now grows with excitement of finding another girl to have sex with... How far will The Squid go to fulfill his desires?
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Magical Twilight
WANTED: Strong young males to be test subjects for final witch exam.
Sexy apprentice-witch Chipple dreams of becoming a good witch, but in order to achieve her goal, she first has to pass the Official Licensing Test! After bombing the written portion of the test for the third time in a row, Chipple only has one option left: ace the practical. So it's off to the mortal world to meet up with her test subject, one Tsukasa Tachibana, and make a "good impression" on him. Sounds pretty easy, right? Not when it means teaming up with the one person Chipple really hates: Irene, a sultry siren who only passed the written part by using an unauthorized "oral exam" and a healthy dose of blackmail. Suffice it to say that the roof of the test subject's house isn't the only thing that's going to get blown when these seductive sorceresses vie against each other to be the first to pass their test!
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Moonlight Lady
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