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Four Play
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Ninja Love
Adult fans of anime will LOVE this hilarious erotic and highly sought after parody of Naruto (including many other special guests appearances!) Follow the naughty adventures of a lusty ninja with an unusual approach to bedside manners. Our hero will discover a forbidden mansion with unbelievable pleasures behind each door.
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Can Can Bunny Extra 2: Summer Fun
Summer lovin' with two gorgeous goddesses!
Things are definitely looking up for Kenta lately! He's been having more than his fair share of luck with the ladies and he's got two beautiful goddesses fawning all over him to boot! But why stop there when you're on a roll? When his roommate offers him a job working part-time at a beautiful beachside resort hotel, Kenta can hardly contain himself at the thought of being surrounded by sexy, oiled-up, bathing beauties all summer!
Unfortunately, it looks like Kenta wasn't exactly told the whole truth. When he gets there, the "beautiful resort hotel" turns out to be little more than a dilapidated run-down shack owned by a scruffy middle-aged man who can barely keep it afloat. But Kenta won't let such a minor problem stand between him and his summer of love in the sun! The gorgeous windsurfing hotties and the big-bosomed lifeguards are all calling to him!
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Mogitate Marina-chan
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Maple Colors
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