Spaceship Agga Ruter
19-year-old Taiyo's family was killed by a savage space pirate, and he's prepared to share their fate. But when his ship is hijacked in deep space, he's in for a real shock! Are all pirates as alluring (or as desirous) as the beautiful as the beautiful mercenary Jannis?
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SPRITE Between 2 Worlds
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Nurse Me!
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Women at Work
Akiyoshi's life fell apart when he was turned down by the sweet, passive girl he liked. Trying to start over, he gets a job on a construction crew. The women on the crew waste no time in bullying him into sex act after sex act, exhausting him day after day. Akiyoshi is on a whirlwind ride as woman after woman aggressively pursues him, but has he fallen into heaven or hell?
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Night Shift Nurses
If you?ˆ™re feeling down, the night shift nurses will perk you up! A new doctor is coming to train these novices to really open up to their patients. Training is intense, but the nurses will do their duty to get to the bottom of any ailment, and rectify the situation with tender loving care. Patients are hard to please, but in the end, the lovely staff will rise to the occasion. You'll shake, sweat, and suffer from a racing heart for the hottest hospital helpers you've ever seen!
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Slutty-Princess Diaries
After losing his mom to a mysterious death, Distol swore to himself that he will be the best swordsman in the world. However, his tragedy doesn?ˆ™t end there?ˆ¦..Eight years after his mother?ˆ™s death, more bad news is brought to Distol. His sister, Princess Qoona, is chosen as the Holy Maiden. The Holy Maiden sacrifices her own life to give power to the seal that binds the demon king within. Normally, this would be a thing be proud of, but Distol does not want to lose another person he loves. As Distol curses himself for not being able to protect the person that he loves, a witch appears out of nowhere and makes an offer to Distol. The offer is: ?ˆ?In return of giving great powers, you must invade Bastarauge, take the nation?ˆ™s treasure, kidnap Princess Elena, and corrupt her from within.?ˆ? A new dark age is about to begin?ˆ¦
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