Stainless Night
After ten years of dormancy, a Linear awakes from a capsule in the countryside of Japan. Without any memories, she wanders into a small research center staffed by three beautiful women. Sayako, one of the researchers, is entranced by the strange woman and falls in love. Leaving Misuzu, her present lover, Sayako takes the stranger to bed, and finds that her abilities are beyond that of any ordinary woman! However, a second capsule opened shortly after Linear's, and soon all four of the women will be in terrible danger.
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University Girls
These counselors take special interest in the nasty class of 2005. Madoka goes to her counselor for advice on her classes, and the help she is given will take her to a new place of erotic heights. Watch these girls embark on a path of forbidden love.
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SPRITE Between 2 Worlds
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Milk Money
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Holy Virgins
The locals know all about Dr. Fuwa. His reputation for taking advantage of his female patients has left him little to do except his nurse Megumi. When he?s suddenly called in to investigate a mysterious illness that?s been affecting the nuns on a remote island, Dr. Fuwa?s certainly not above having a little fun with the patients ? each and every one of them a cute little nun-in-training. But will he be able to uncover the truth behind their terrible condition?
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