Parade Parade
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Masaru Ashita no Yukinojou 2
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Milk Money
Kyoko lost her baby boy in a traffic accident while he was breast feeding. Since then, she's always needed to have one young man or another fill in for him. She tried to find work as a nanny, but after some unfortunate incidents she ended up cooking and cleaning for the student Mariko. But when Kyoko meets Mariko's boyfriend, the boyish Toji, she becomes violently jealous. Will Toji stay faithful to Mariko, or will Kyoko teach him the meaning of liquid love?
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Imbalance Girl
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Dragon Knight: The Wheel of Time
Despite dragon attacks and shipwrecks, Kakeru and his friends continue their fight against the evil Lucifon. Along the way, they are joined by an increasing number of warriors committed to defeating Lucifon.
However, even as the group is gaining in strength and cohesiveness, Eto is finding it increasingly difficult to protect his true identity. Will he be able to maintain his secret long enough to see his quest to its completion and change the future? Or will one of the nubile, well-intentioned young ladies who have joined the fight prove his undoing?
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